You can choose between normal rooms, VIP rooms, and mongolian yurts, depends on number of person. Each room comes with own toilet and water heater.

Normal RoomsBed TypeNo of personPricePhoto
Standard Queen1 x Queen2170see below
Standard Twin1 x Queen, 1 x Single3200see below
Deluxe Twin2 x Queen4300see below
Normal RoomsStandard Queen 
Standard Twin
Deluxe Twin

VIP RoomsBed TypeNo of personPricePhoto
VIP room2 x Queen4350see below
VIP room*
(Kundasang view)
2 x Queen4380see below
VIP RoomsVIP room 

VIP room*
(Kundasang view)

Mongolian YurtBed TypeNo of personPricePhoto
Mongolian Yurt (2 pax)*1 x Queen or 2 x Single2220see below
Mongolian Yurt (3 pax)1 x Queen, 1 Single3250see below
Mongolian Yurt (4 pax)*1 x Queen, 2 x Single4300see below
Mongolian YurtsMongolian Yurt 
(2 pax)*

1 x Queen Bed

2 x Single Bed
Mongolian Yurt 
(3 pax)
Mongolian Yurt 
(4 pax)*
*popular choice

Frequently Asked Quentions:

Q: What are the differences between room and yurt?
A: Room is room (square), yurt is mongolian yurt (round). Rooms have windows. Mongolian Yurt do not have normal window but have ventilation system. 

Q: Is there toilet in the room/yurt?
A: Yes. All rooms and yurts have their own toilet with water heater.

Q: Can I cook inside the room/yurt?
A: No. You are not encouraged to do this. 

Q: How about the food? Do you have a restaurant?
A: Everything is self service here. You can use the common kitchen to prepare your own food. We also have 5 BBQ areas and steamboat tools. All are free for use (no extra charge). For BBQ, you need to bring along your own food, grill (3 feet x 3 feet), charcoal and other tools. 

If you prefer, there are many restaurants in Kundasang town too. Food is normally ok and reasonably priced. In Kundasang town, you can also find KFC, bank, grocery stores, and even a small petrol station.

Q: Check in and Check out?
A: You can check in 3pm, and check out 11am. Early check in is possible if the room is ready when you arrive.

Q: Can I come after dark?
A: You can but it is not advisable if it is your first time here. The road is quite dark during night time. You can check the google map link first. It will help you to locate our place.
Google Map: 

Q: We have 5 person and your largest mongolian yurt is for 4 person, can we add another bed?
A: Yes, you can add one bed (maximum) for 60. You can also choose one yurt for 3 person, and another yurt for 2 person. In that way, your stay is more comfortable. You also get two toilets instead of one. If you book early, we can arrange the yurts to be directly side-by-side so that you will still stay near to each other.

Q: We have 6 person and your largest mongolian yurt is for 4 person, can we add two beds?
A: No. We don't recommend that. You can take one yurt for 4 person, and another yurt for 2 person. All of you will be more comfortable that way. If you book early, we can arrange the yurts to be directly side-by-side so that you will still stay near to each other.

Q: Anything I need to take note?
A: You should know that our place is not a 5 star resort or hotel, but a good place for friends and family to relax. We are surrounded by vegetable farms so sightings of bug and spider are common. Please take note. Night time is quite cold (16-20 degrees) up here so be advised to bring sweater. For your personal hygiene and comfort, please bring along your own towel and toothbrush.

Q: Ok, how to book?
A: You complete these info and send to +6019 8000 201 (WhatsApp available). 

Full name:
IC (passport for foreigner) number:
Date check in:
Date check out: 
Number of person:
What room are you booking: 

If your room of choice is unoccupied, you will get bank details and you can proceed to payment. After payment, you will get a booking confirmation. You will then use this booking confirmation for checking in.

Booking process

Q: Where is the location?
A: We are about 9 minutes (2.8km) from Kundasang town. You can directly see us via raw eyes. In comparison, Desa Milk is 19 minutes (6km) from the town. So you can roughly know we are about half way from there.

Direction: From Kundasang town, you go towards direction of Mersilau/Desa Milk. Then you go straight down the hill for 1500m until you reach a river. Then go uphill for 800m, you will see a blue signboard "*Wind Paradise*". That is where we are. 

From there it is a 1 minute concrete road and you will reach mongolian yurt. 

Do not use lowered car, any normal car can go up.
(Do not use your sports car!)

Google Map: 

See you soon!

  • Check-in time 3 pm, Check-out time 11 am. Early check-in subject to room availability. Late check-out will be impose 50% from the published room rates.
  • Each room consist of own toilet and bathroom with hot shower facilities. Towels are available upon request during check-in at rental rate of RM5/towel.
  • Extra Mattress INCLUDING comforter and pillow - RM60 nett (Last minute request for extra mattress are subject to availability, please kindly request upon confirm room booking )
  • Kitchen utensils such as plates, bowl, spoon, forks, chopstick and cups are free to be used for all in house guest but everything are to be clean after used or RM50 cleaning fee will be impose. BBQ pit are available for in  house guest usage but other items for BBQ preparation such as charcoal,oil and others that are not stated are by guest own self preparation.
  • Confirmed booking are based on first come first serve basis after full payment on room charges are made.
  • Please inform us any cancellation or amendment of date at least 7 days before you come. Especially during holiday season.

  • More info, please contact me on WhatsApp / SMS / Call +6019 8000 201 or email

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