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We are 9 minutes (2.8km) from Kundasang town, you can see us directly via raw eyes. In comparison, Desa Milk is 19 minutes (6km) from the town. So we are about half way from there.

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please read before you go…

From Kundasang town, go towards direction of Mersilau/Desa Milk. Go straight down the hill for 1500m until you reach a river. Then go uphill for 800m, you will see a blue signboard "*Wind Paradise*". That is where we are.

From there it is a 1 minute concrete road and you will reach mongolian yurt.

Do not use lowered car, any normal car can go up.

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Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge

Video of the concrete road (2:09) :

我们距离从Kundasang店和Kundasang战争纪念公园约9分钟。从Kundasang店和Kundasang战争纪念公园直行上斜坡路,在你到达Desa牛场之前,位于您的左手边。当你看到水云间蒙古包的横幅和招牌左转约1分钟,将会到达水云间蒙古包。我们也提供烧烤及火锅设施,只需准备你的食物,你就可以准备煮,起火或煲了。但是别忘了清理你的烂摊子,否则将会有50令吉的清洁费征收。 :)我们除了是在马来西亚的第一个蒙古包住宿概念,我们不视为一个度假村,但更多面向家庭式的小屋风格,也更为大家提供合理的价格,感觉像在家一般的轻松氛围。客房供应,请联系我们。

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Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge

See you soon!

Mongolian Yurt Kundasang
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