Activity:             BBQ Barbecue
Time:                 Evening - midnight
Suitable for:      Group of friends, family

Some advice:
1. Prepare enough food, but don't overdo it
2. Premix your seasoning
3. Stick to the basic. Group grilling is meant to be social.
4. Prepare your charcoal. We normally don't provide charcoal but you may phone us in advance to check if we have ready stock.
5. Have FUN!


BBQ pit are available in Mongolian Yurts Kundasang for free (no additional charge) for in-house guest usage. Other items for BBQ preparation such as food, charcoal, oil and others that are not stated are by guest own self preparation.

Kitchen utensils such as plates, bowl, spoon, forks, chopstick and cups are free to be used for all in house guest but everything are to be clean after used or RM50 cleaning fee will be imposed. 

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