I love the feeling of watching the night sky. Seeing all those stars very far away, so beautiful, shining, it makes me feel very relaxed. Looking at the universe makes me feel so small. Stars have been shining for us forever and most will be there long after I'm gone. All of the lights and hope that they bring to us travel across light-years. Sometimes I wonder, if I have a super telescope and can instantly travel across the distance to the stars, then looking back to the earth, what would I see. I guess I can see the younger me, I can see those who has left me, I can see those moment, those people that always in my memory.

Activity:          Stargazing
Time:              After dark/ after 11pm
Suitable for:  Single, couples, families
Some advice:
1. Bring some warm clothes, torchlight, insect repellent
2. Prepare drinks and snacks
3. Choose a place with less light pollution
4. Give your eyes a time to adjust
5. Get some books or information on stargazing.
6. Check the phase and rising and setting times of the moon and milky way.
7. Be alert on important event for stargazing, example meteor rain

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